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LPS and SMs

In an effort to shorten the build and delivery times, we will only be accepting new orders for holsters made for the following handguns:
  1911 pattern pistols, Browning High Powers, HK P7 series pistols, Seecamp pistols, Rohrbaugh R9 pistols, and some selected revolvers.  In addition, we will limiting the number of orders we accept in one opening so we can complete them within 6 months.
8/19/13 - We are not a
ccepting new orders until we fill the orders from our current list.

For those customers who are on our current list:
You will be contacted for the particulars of your order when we get to your name on the list.  That should reduce the number of order revisions we always have and hopefully streamline the process.  If you called/emailed during the 8/19/13 window but aren't sure if your made the list, just shoot us an email and ask!
Thank you for your patience.

Things to consider when choosing a holster
How to place an order
Determining Holster Rake and Belt Length
Between the Pants and Belt Holsters - Model BPB
Belts, ammo carriers, magazine carriers and flashlight carriers
Pocket Holsters and magazine carriers - Models PH-3, PSM, DSM & PSM/SF
Belt Holster - Model ComTac
Inside the Waistband Holsters - Model ISP
Belt Holsters - Model LP Shoulder Holster - Model SR
Belt Holsters - Model SLP Kustom Ballistics - for your custom firearms needs
 Belt Holsters - Model SSK & SSR-N
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August 2013

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