Del Fatti Leather
Inside the waistband holsters provide a higher level of concealment than outside the belt holsters but can be uncomfortable for the wearer who has not planned for this type of carry by choosing a firearm with minimal thickness and/or buying pants of a waist size suitable for the purpose.  Belt attachments can be slotted pad, straps and snaps, straps and screws or sewn belt loop.  
ISP-A2ISP-A2 front

ISP-A2 - The ISP-A2 is an appendix carry holster orginally designed in 2010 and refined to it's current form by January 2012. Prices Start at $270.00

ISP-SS -  The holster body is a closed cropped scabbard with slotted pad or snapped belt loops belt attachment.  Prices start at $250.00.

ISP-SS Sewn Loop

ISP-SS with Sewn loop -
I designed and built the sewn loop ISP-SS in  Sept of 2000.  The holster body is simply a variation of the well known Summer Special. The sewn loop was designed to minimize the bulk of the belt attachment while allowing the holster to be very stable on the belt when used with longer barreled pistols..   Prices start at $250.00.

ISP-LP with shark trim and loops
ISP-LP- An inside the pants style holster designed for a smooth comfortable carry.  One design concession to allow for low profile all day comfort is the elimination of a wrap around holster mouth reinforcement. Belt attachment is by non-rotating snapped straps. Prices start at $240.00

ISP-5 Natural

ISP-5 black
ISP-5 - I originally designed this holster in 2004 and offered it on a very limited basis for HK P7M8 and 1911 pistols.  It has a horsehide bearing panel with widely spaced loops and a cowhide holster pouch with a steel reinforced collar.  It provides the comfort of an ISP-LP style with the steel reinforced, wrap around holster mouth durability of an ISP-SS or ISP-4.  Only available for the P7M8 and  1911's in 5", 4.25". Belt attachment is by non-rotating snapped straps.  Prices start at $270.00.

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