Del Fatti Leather
SR shark P7M8
SR This type of shoulder holster is generally referred to as a horizontal rig.  In reality,  it positions the holster and the off-side magazine carrier in an angled position so that the front of the holster and mag carrier ride lower than the rear.  The holster has a thumb break retaining strap, tension screws for the double magazine carrier, and adjustable harness.  Prices start at $515.00.

Brown Shark Double SR
I occasionally get requests for an SR to carry one of the super lightweight handguns like those made of titanium or scandium.  It seems silly to me to carry such a gun in an SR that would weigh more than the handgun so I have a suggestion.  Take a look at Ken Null's SMZ.  It's a nifty way to carry a small light handgun, in a very light weight compact package.  Ken offers it in white or black.  It's very concealable and very fast with just a little practice.  Best of all, it's very reasonably priced.  I've included a photo at the left and you can also see it at K.L. Null Holsters .  
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