Background & Other Information About Me
I have always been and we will most likely remain a small custom shop.  When I say that, I mean that I design and make the patterns for the articles I build.  Changing designs to meet each customer's need, requires that I hand cut most items.  I use the best quality leather available and continue with each step in the process until the holster or other item is complete.  If you buy a holster from me, it is made by me specifically for you.  It does take longer to do it this way but it's the only way I know to provide the design flexibility necessary to provide a product that addresses as many of your needs as possible.

Since 2004, my daughter Gina has worked in the shop taking care of nearly all of the office work including answering initial phone calls,  email, billing, shipping and records keeping.  She also helps with the final finishes.  This has allowed me to spend much more time at my bench.  

When viewing the photos on this site, you will, no doubt, see holster features which bear some resemblance to the concepts and designs of past and present master craftsmen.  
Although I think you'll find a number of my original designs unique, there is no doubt that my views on design, construction, and finish have been influenced over the years in some ways by holstermakers such as Roy Baker, John Bianchi, Chic Gaylord, Bruce Nelson and Milt Sparks.  

In addition to the holstermakers listed above, I think there are some very talented men who are currently providing concealment leather. The  small shops (either one man or just a few) include Lou Alessi, Andy Arratoonian, Tony Kanaley (Milt Sparks), Ken Null, and Thad Rybka.  
In my opinion, each of the ten men listed have made contributions to the industry that have had an impact on the  designs and/or  construction methods currently used by many makers of concealment holsters.  I have provided links to the web sites where available for some of these men so you can peruse their offerings.  If one of the above makers can better meet your needs, I think you should buy from them.  That may sound strange to those of you who are used to cut-throat marketing.  Although I'd sure like to build you a holster, I'd much rather see you happy with your purchase.

The photos on this site were taken of holsters and other gear made for customers. The photos and the names of the holsters and components are intended to give you a starting point in choosing the features that will make up your holster or accessory.   In most cases, customers choose features from different holster "models" to get a holster they want.  If you need an item completely different from anything pictured, I'll try my best to help you bring it to life.  

For more than 27 years, I carried a handgun or two on a daily basis as a part of my career in law enforcement.  That doesn't mean I have all the answers.  It does mean I have a lot of experience.  The knowledge I've gained from that experience is that handguns carry differently for different people and what works great for me might not suit you at all.  As an example, wearing a holster with a rake that's comfortable with a Glock may feel strange with a S&W or Colt.  Your hand will hit the backstraps differently because the grip angles are different. 
My point is that everyone has a unique combination of needs.  Your height, weight, the proportion of your torso to legs, orthopedic problems, and the handgun you've chosen should all be considered when deciding on a holster.  Add to that, your particular carry needs such as level of concealment, primary use of the holster, usual activity while carrying, and the carry duration and an already confusing issue just became harder.  If what you want is something I don't or can't make, I’ll refer you to another holster maker who does. 
My goal is to use my experience to help you decide what gear would best fit your needs.  It won't do you any good to have a generic holster that ends up in a box instead of being worn.  It won't do me any good if you're unhappy with a holster.  Much of my business is from repeat customers and from personal referrals.   An old Amish furniture maker told me as I left his shop with a rocker, “If you like it, tell everybody.  If you don't like it, just tell me.”  It was said with a smile, but it's true.  If you're not happy with any of the gear I build you, I expect you to tell me.  I want the chance to make it right so your custom gunleather meets your expectations.
Matt Del Fatti