Del Fatti Leather

Many customers would like to know the "best" type of holster to buy because they want to eliminate the "holster box" in the closet.  I don't think there is a best holster or at least not one that can work with every type of handgun to address every type of concealment need. 

Regardless of what you read in the magazine articles or hear in training, there is no holster or magazine carrier you should be wearing.  What might work for you can, at least in part, be evaluated by answering a few questions.  I say "might" because, although I have years of gun totin' experience, my opinions are still just that.  And you know what opinions are like! 

If you can answer at least some of these questions, you or I will have a better idea of a starting point for both a holster and a handgun.

Your Body:
Are you tall or short?  Is your torso long, regular or short?  Are you thick or thin? Is the cross section of your waist round, round oval or flat oval?  Do you have any shoulder mobility problems? 

Since, for the most part, one is tied to the other I've included clothes and weather in the same question area.  What will you normally be wearing for clothing when you carry the handgun?  Will the pants you wear help to support the weight of the handgun (jeans vs light weight dress slacks)?  Do you typically wear draped or fitted outer clothing?  Do you normally wear your pants fairly snug or comfortably loose?  Do you have fairly large weight fluctuations?  Do you wear a belt with sufficient support capabilities?

Time and Activities:
What will you be doing while carrying this handgun?  Standing?  Sitting?  Will you be removing your covering clothing frequently?  How many hours a day will you carry? 

Concealment Level:
How critical is it that you cover or conceal your handgun?  Are you in Law Enforcement and just need "casual concealment" and cover?  Does it matter is someone sees a "bump" in your clothing if you move wrong?  Is it absolutely critical for the handgun to be completely undetectable? 

How long is the handgun you wish to carry?  How much does it weigh loaded?  Is it thick or thin?  Is it fairly smooth or does it have sharp edges?  Is it new or have you carried it for some time?

Other considerations:
Have you carried a gun for some time?  Where and how have you been carrying it?  If you already have a holster type and rake that works well for you, what is it?